Welcome To The Egoverse
The Egoverse is an umbrella project deployed on the Avalanche blockchain that contains a multitude of sub-projects. The Egoverse was conceptualized during the pandemic and has been structured through immense amounts of research. The events that transpired during the pandemic demonstrated how reliant we are on conglomerate companies vs ourselves.
Our Mission
Our mission is to shed light on the importance of self sustainable farming practices, as well as demonstrating while educating step by step on our Youtube channel how you can DIY. The initial and continuous focus of The Egoverse is aimed towards IRL projects, such as the indie gaming studio and the land we are purchasing in the Central Florida for the self-sustaining farm and our HQ.

The Egoverse team has years of farming experience and with this experience we will start farming on the land. With this farm, we will organize food drives for the local homeless in Florida. In the future we are eager to expand to other states, perhaps even internationally, through our connections within The Egoverse.
Once the Alter Ego Punks have been minted out we will enable breeding for our Gen1 collection, the Alter Ego Lycans! Next, 300 $Prey will be airdropped to every OG and OGs will earn $PREY whilst staking their punks which will allow them to mint an Alter Ego Lycan for 600 $PREY + 2 Alter Ego Punk NFTs. Finally, we will release the Alter Ego Hunters to the public. We started developing The Alter Ego Hunters fantasy pvp game on 03/05/2022. We are bringing back the excitement of gaming with The Egoverse. Join us on this quest to make history on the Avalanche blockchain!

Ego Map

Q1 2022

Art Creation (Alter Ego Punks, Alter Ego Lycans & Alter Ego Hunters) ✅

Website Creation ✅

White Paper Preparation ✅

Contracts deployment (ERC 20, ERC 721) ✅

Community Building ✅

Continuous Research & Development ✅

Marketing ✅

Begin Development of The Egoverse ✅

Q2 2022

Airdrop 300 $PREY to OGs ✅

Launch Yobi ✅

Q3 2022

Establish LLC

Enable Staking

Launch EgoVersus: The First Strike (FPS Game)

Enable Breeding 4,000 Alter Ego Lycans

Deploy 15,000 Alter Ego Hunters

Airdrop 1,000 Alter Ego Hunters to OGs

Purchase Land

Rent Game Studio Space

Alter Ego Lycan Holder Snapshot

Q4 2022

Construct Green Houses and Raised Garden Beds

Distribute Merch Care Packages

Airdrop Lady Punks to OGs

Buy Universal Studios Passes

2023 and Beyond

Migrate Game Studio to HQ

Invite Select Holders for HQ Visit




Eye Floater







Content Creator


Solidity & React Dev


Game Dev


Game Dev






The Alter Ego Punks collection was created on December 25th,2021. The public sale began on January 1st, 2022.
When you click the MINT button on the homepage, you will be redirected to a page where you can decide what tier and what crew Alter Ego Punk you wish to purchase.
The goal of the Alter Ego Punks is to bring positivity, innovation, uniqueness, utility and a project with longevity to the Avalanche blockchain . We want to help in any way possible and we are driven to do so by any means necessary!